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Back to Olds, Alberta

In the cafeteria at the hospital I bite into a hot dog and it goes crunch. If you’ve ever wondered about the ingredients of wieners you could understand that I was concerned and then somewhat relieved when I discovered that I’d broken a filling. I phone my dentist at home and he recommends a friend of his in downtown Calgary. The dentist is kind enough to see me today and charges me a minimal fee to fix the filling. Dr. Anderson is giving Nicholas an actual vacation from the hospital. He asks us to be careful because Nick is “fragile.” This afternoon we drove through Olds, the town where Frankie was born, where FH and I first lived after we were married to stay with Larry and Donna on their … [Read More...]

Prairie sunset

Kidneys, Chemo and Camping

Alberta Children’s Hospital. Children’s Oncology in-patient rooms is called Q cluster. The patient rooms are situated in a square with the nursing station in the center. You can enter a patient room at the back from an outside hallway or, from the front where the nursing station is. It’s early morning and the nurses have just started their shift. A sweet brunette pokes her head in the door. She sees Nick is sleeping so in a whisper she asks how his night was. I’m sitting up in a cot near his bed. I whisper that he slept well. Nick is stirring under the covers when Dr. Anderson taps on the door. I really like this doctor. His face reflects he has a heart and treating children with cancer … [Read More...]


Spiritual Journey with Venus Art by Shannon

I went to a Spiritual Art Workshop, joining with a few friends and a couple of new peeps I hadn't met before. Lovely raven haired Shannon Breadner of VenusArt by Shannon made us comfortable on blankets on the grass. I lay down and watched white clouds drift across the sky. In a comforting, soft voice she began to lead us through a meditation. She took us on a journey, painting pictures in our minds with her words. She invited us to imagine the force of our inner selves, a turning in so to speak towards peace in a place that lives inside every one of us. A place I need to visit on a daily basis in my life that is sometimes too busy and with discontent. Shannon began by inviting us to … [Read More...]

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