If I don't wake up tomorrow morning, then right now at this moment watching this amazing sun set I have to say I believe there is a place absolutely more beautiful than I can imagine and I'm going to be reunited with every person and beloved pet who broke my heart when they left this world before me. … [Read More...]


Clean Windows

Yes. This is a post about clean windows. Clean windows make me feel good. When you find something wonderful that can be made in your own kitchen, is good for the environment and works, then you just gotta share it. Have you got any of those wonderful, washable microfibre towels? Get 'em if you don't because they have a million uses and you can just chuck them into the washing machine. This recipe works amazingly well because before I shined the windows I smeared soap all over them in an attempt to take off the last year of grime. Magical Window Washing Solution Recipe 2 cups H2O 1/4 cup white vinegar 1/2 teaspoon liquid dish soap I didn't have a spray bottle so I used … [Read More...]

Avon Skin So Soft & H20

Best Ever Fly Spray for Horses

This is the best ever fly spray for horses. Not only does it work but your horse will smell amazing. And his/her coat will be shiny and glossy. I've been making this concoction for years. It's that simple. Avon Skin So Soft Bath Oil and water. Mix Skin So Soft 1/3 of container you are using, then add water to fill. Or 1/2 of the container you are using if the flies are extra pesky. Easy. Keep away from the eyes. It stings. … [Read More...]

Frankie and Nick. Kootenay Lake summer 1998.

Everything To Lose

Heather (Melissa’s Mom) and Charlotte (Nicky M.’s Mom) fly in to Calgary from Vancouver. Charlotte’s husband is a pilot for Air Canada. As a family member she is able to get tickets for the cost of the taxes. She and Heather had to fly on stand- by which means after the regular ticket holders have boarded and if there is still room they can fly too. Or, if people buy tickets but don’t show up after last call those on stand- by can then take their seat. We reunite like soldiers who have been together in the trenches. Nicholas came close to dying. We could have intervened but due to medical advice we did not. We stepped back and didn’t fight with fate. He’s a tired boy and we would have let … [Read More...]

Babtism & Frankies B day 19993

Birthday & Baptism

In the wee hours after Nicholas’ blood pressure dropped to his boots I took Frankie back to the Ronald McDonald House. Tomorrow, he turns 15. This morning, after less than 3 hours of sleep, he’s back in Alberta Children’s Hospital, thick, almost curly hair rumpled, his young face tired and not in the way a teenager is tired from late nights playing video games or hanging out watching movies with friends, but tired in the way of being heart - sick. FH has been snoozing beside Nick’s bed. He picks his head up off the arm of the chair and groans with a cramp in his neck. Sleepily he says Nick is out of danger. His blood pressure is improving. Legs turn to rubber and I sit down hard. Nicholas … [Read More...]